About Us

We are the largest provider of Designer Window Treatments, Bedding, and Hunter Douglas designer window products in the Mid-South

For years we have been asking our customers what is most important to them when shopping for designer drapery, bedding,blinds, and more. Of course selection, price, and quality are important, but at the end of the day the resounding answer is “MAKE IT EASY.”  Making it easy is what we are all about at TannerMeyer.

Their secret is simple, but it took years to perfect:

a. Search the world over for the latest fabrics, colors, and trends.  

b. Narrow this down to the most current styles.  

c. Our designers work with you to pull together the perfect look for your space.

d. Give you quick integrity pricing that does not have the markups of a high end designer.

e. Offer the best quality, the best turnaround time, and the best customer service.

f.  Take the guesswork out of the process and provide you with a “one stop shop”. 

These reasons are exactly what make us different in the Memphis & Nashville area, and we are proud to boast over 8000 reference able clients in Tennessee and nationwide. In fact, we have been featured on HGTV, in movies, in articles, in celebrity homes, and in homes of a billionaire or two.  We would love to go out of our way to add you to our list of incredibly satisfied clients!


Kip Meyer’s Bio

Kip has been in the design field for over 15 years. He first started out learning how to sew on a second hand sewing machine, along with lessons by his next door neighbor. Soon he was a human sewing and embroidery machine. While vacationing in Florida he just happened to walk into a unique drapery boutique.  Immediately he knew this concept would work in Memphis, and he left his lucrative Marketing job to fulfill a dream of owning his own business.  Two months later, along with his partner Tim Tanner, the first location was opened in the Laurelwood area of Memphis. A year later the second location was opened in the Green Hills section of Nashville. Today, many celebrities, sports figures, titans of business, and politicians have Kip on speed dial.  Kip’s reputation in Nashville and Memphis is stellar and he continues to exceed client’s expectations daily.  His superior leadership and customer service skills are an inspiration to his staff, and he truly believes that his success is also a result of his quality employees.


Tim Tanner’s Bio

Tim Tanner is a native Memphian who has been in the design, real estate, and entrepreneurial field for over 15 years. Having designed and sold over 60 properties of his own, Tanner understands the value of staging, space, color, fabric, lighting, flow, and curb appeal.  Tim and Kip opened their first boutique nearly 15 years ago and steadly improved it and the process over the years. Tanner’s reputation in the real estate and design world has garnered him many articles, chances to work on movies, design jobs all around the country, and even a featured spot on HGTV.  Tim also believes that customer service and the strength of his staff is what separates TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds apart from anyone else.