It can be challenging to find the right bedding for your space

Should I order online?  Should I go to a big box store? Should I go Custom?  What are my options?

At TannerMeyer there are 3 areas in the decision making process for bedding:

1.  Top of Bed

Decorative pieces included duvets that make a bed beautiful but should not be slept on. We like to call this"icing on the cake".

2.  Functional Pieces

From fine linens, matelasses, and blankets; these functional pieces complete the look of any bed while giving you a wonderful nights sleep.  The quality of threads and thread count are the most important element in this area- especially in sheeting. The softness and breathability of the fabrics really make a difference.   Quality pieces will last for years, so don't be afraid to make the investment.

3.  Loft

From premium and firm poly fill to luxurious down fill, the loft of your bedding will affect the look and feel of your bed.   Not sure which way to go?  We are here to assist!

At TannerMeyer, we offer a large selection of pre-designed mix and match bedding with quality construction.  When shopping online or in a big box store, the products are typically made overseas and simply do not last.  On the other hand, when you go custom, the cost can add up.   Though finding bedding in stock is a customer's dream, it is not always a reality; and for good reason.   Once a customer decides to invest in bedding the in-stock bed sets are usually not exactly what they want.   Since quality bedding is an investment, having pre-designed options and fabrics you can take out and try on approval make the selection process easy.  This allows you to avoid the costly mistakes and guesswork normally attributed to custom bedding.

TannerMeyer bedding is made in the U.S.A. and comes in a variety of sizes.  We even make our bedding in Super Queen and Super King sizes that accommodate pillow top mattresses so that your "top of bed" does not have to look like "high water" pants?

Many clients have told us they are afraid to invest in bedding because they have children or pets.  Though most quality fabrics used in drapery and bedding are not washable, we do offer many wonderful washable options that won't compromise your look or your budget.  Take a look at some of our "bedding made easy" options and let one of our bedding experts assist you in achieving the bedroom of your dreams.