July 26th, 2013

Home Color Trends From TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding & Blinds

Once a year Kip Meyer, co-owner of TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding & Blinds, and I travel to the Market in Highpoint, NC to buy fabrics, bedding, and accessories. Believe me when I say it’s a multi-day experience meeting hundreds of vendors, seeing thousands of items, and walking for 10 hours a day. However, on the last night of our adventure (throbbing feet elevated on pillows and a full bottle of Chardonnay at hand) we were inspired by the latest colors and trends we are seeing in the home market. It’s a widely known fact in the industry that color trends in the home tend to mimic the apparel market—albeit a couple of years behind.  Color trends also are influenced by the economy, books, TV, world events, and movies. For instance, gray and taupe dominated the market during the recession. Now that the economy is on an uptick, we are seeing vibrant colors bouncing back into the picture–with a bang! Speaking of color and world events, the last couple of years have seen Great Britain in the limelight with the Diamond Jubilee, Olympics, and the royal wedding/pregnancy, etc. Big are the vibrant reds and blues of the royal flag this year. In fact, there were many more color trends in the home market. Let me highlight them.

Warm Metallics

Window Treatment Trends

Metallic Interior Design Trends

Because of movies such as “The Great Gatsby” the “roaring 20s” is a big trend in both clothing and home couture. Vintage influences added to modern are popular, and lace overlays and metallic embellishments are all the rage. The use of burnished brass or brushed copper can add a timeless look to any room and be both contemporary and traditional, without being hard and edgy. In fact, we have seen a rise in sales of metallic fabrics in the last couple of years locally.

Floral Bouquet

Red Trend

Red interior design trends

Remember red? Well, it’s back. Not the Ralph Lauren dining room red that dominated the 80-90s.  I’m talking about the vibrant reds. This year we are seeing reds such as cherry blossom pink, coral hibiscus, and poppy red. In fact, these reds and other vibrant colors are finding their way back to the home in large floral designs or futuristic geometrics.  Vintage aged floral patterns are also big.

“Am I Blue”

Interior Design

Interior Design Trends Blue

Navy is the new black. In fact, many designers now regard shades of medium to navy blue as neutral tones. What really stands out this year are the pops of vivid blue, such as sophisticated sapphire, bold aquamarine, or violet. This look is elegant but also classic and comfortable. Velvets are hot this year, and many have lovely blue tones (in addition to the popular metallic velvets).

Spice Market

Window Treatment Trends

Spice Trends Interior Design

We are seeing lots of designs that are mixing sensual spice colors. Cinnamon and chili are splashed with cream, mustard, or dark coffee.  Mixing cultures is the new way to make a room look eclectic, and the color of spice lends itself to many multi-cultural items. Spice often hints of warm fall leaves, but it can also sizzle with heat.   An updated 60’s and 70’s retro mix is big as well.

Ladies & Gentleman, the color of the year is: Emerald Green

Pantone Color of the year 2013

Emerald Green Pantone Color of the Year

Verdant Greens and emerald greens are popping up everywhere. Cool moss or mellow fern colors add a relaxing mix to any room. We are seeing a mix of warm, cool, and khaki greens with the more high –browed emerald. To soften your greens mix them with browns or milky white. Notice the major use of emerald in the recent “Oz” movie, and the release of the “Wizard of Oz—3D”?

The next time you go to pick a paint color, don’t just grab that tried and true beige or taupe. Think of at least a pop of color on an accent wall! Don’t pick that safe fabric you’ve seen for years. Pick the large vibrant print! Or, if you don’t want to commit to the large print on a big scale, use it in pillows and/or accents.  Try to instill fun and interest with mixing cultures and adding metallic to your space. After all, times have been tough. Don’t we deserve a little color in our world!

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July 7th, 2013

Valances Available at TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding & Blinds in Memphis, Tennessee

TannerMeyer, the largest provider of Designer Window Treatments and Bedding in the Mid-South now offers valances.

<product information>

Price, selection, and quality are very important when shopping for valances but TannerMeyer in Memphis, Tennessee also makes your experience easy. A large part of the reason the process is easy is because founders Tim Tanner and Kip Meyer have spent years in the design industry specifically focused on valances.

TannerMeyer’s designers work with you to pull together the perfect look for your space. They give you quick integrity pricing on valances that does not have the markups of a designer. TannerMeyer offers the best quality, the best turnaround time, and the best customer service. Take the guesswork out of the process and let TannerMeyer in Memphis, Tennessee provide you with a “one stop shop” for valances.

TannerMeyer excels in designer drapery, bedding, and blinds. This is all we have done for nearly a decade, and we are proud to boast nearly 5000 reference able clients in Memphis, Tennessee and nationwide. In fact, we have been featured on HGTV, in movies, in celebrity and public figures’ homes, and in homes of a billionaire or two.

Kip Meyer’s Bio

Kip has been in the design field for over 10 years. He first started out learning how to sew on a second hand sewing machine, along with lessons by his next-door neighbor. Soon he was a human sewing and embroidery machine. While vacationing in Florida he just happened to walk into a unique drapery boutique.  Immediately he knew this concept would work in Memphis, and he left his lucrative Marketing job to fulfill a dream of owning his own business.  Two months later, along with his partner Tim Tanner, the first location was opened in the Laurelwood area of Memphis. A year later the second location was opened in the Green Hills section of Nashville. In 2008 an outlet and consignment location was opened. Today, many celebrities, titans of business, and politicians have Kip on speed dial.  Kip’s reputation in Nashville and Memphis is stellar and he continues to exceed client’s expectations daily.  His superior leadership and customer service skills are an inspiration to his staff, and he truly believes that his success is also a result of his quality employees.

Tim Tanner’s Bio

Tim Tanner is a native Memphian who has been in the design, real estate, and entrepreneurial field for over 15 years. Having designed and sold over 50 properties of his own, Tanner understands the value of staging, space, color, fabric, lighting, flow, and curb appeal.  When he and Kip stumbled upon that drapery store in Florida many years ago he also knew immediately that the concept would succeed in Memphis.  Tim and Kip opened their first boutique nearly a decade ago and steadily improved it and the process over the years. Tanner’s reputation in the real estate and design world has garnered him many articles, chances to work on movies, design jobs all around the country, and even a featured spot on HGTV.  Tim also believes that customer service and the strength of his staff is what separates TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds apart from anyone else.

418 Perkins Extended
Memphis, TN
Phone: 901-767-4055
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