April 11th, 2013

TannerMeyer Shares Advice on Successfully Staging a Home

duette_ultraglide_den_3TannerMeyer shares a few kernels of knowledge from what they have garnered from fourteen years of experience in home staging. 

Window treatments, bedding, and blinds all come together to give a home a stylishly refined quality.  When staging a home to sell, they also play an important part in bringing a cohesive quality that is inviting and inspiring for prospective buyers.  Here are few tips we have picked up over the years to help you successfully stage a home to sell:

Find a Common Theme Throughout

What do I mean by this you ask? I mean pick a color palette and do not vary. Pick a primary semi neutral color for the walls and don’t go more than two shades lighter or two shades darker throughout the rest of the house. Include window treatments, bedding, and other textiles within the selected palette.  Make the tiles, backsplash, granite, and (yes) the outside all fit within that color scheme. When in doubt always pick the lighter choice. Even if everything is light you can ground a room with a medium-dark floor or other elements such as black/charcoal/wrought iron features. Also, art and focal pieces tend to pop in a room full of neutral tones.

Layers and focal points

Pick something that inspires you and build the rest of the room around it. When starting from scratch I recommend picking one of the most expensive elements such as rugs, curtains, or art and moving forward from there. Keep in mind the focal points of the room at the same time. Focal points could be a fireplace, drapery around an arched window, art, or anywhere your eye tends to go first. From there, build the other layers to compliment and not compete with your focal points. Another hint: it is nice to pick a brilliant pop of color in each room.  If you are not sure how to do this, pick one of the colors in the art or in the rug and distribute that color with small accents throughout. Keep those pops of color sharp and limit these accents to only strategic places. There are lots of books on the different layers in a room that are worthy of reading because most people do not naturally think in terms or layering, focal points, and accents.

Keep things in Proportion.

This means do not put a large L shaped sofa in a room where it takes up the entire space. Make sure your pieces are proportioned correctly for the space. Hint: try taping down the actual size of furniture pieces on the floor first so that you can see how the proportions will look. Be sure rugs are correctly proportioned to the desired look you are going for. Art should make sense, and it should be hung correctly and sparingly. In your main rooms try to use drapery to warm, finish, and frame a room. Use mirrors on focal walls to make the room appear larger and light filled. Arrange things in triangles if the room allows it. Also arrange accessories in sets of 3’s or in odd sets. Put like accessories with like accessories. If you walk into a room and something bothers you, for heaven’s sake take it out—and please keep personal pictures to a minimum.

Details, Details, Details

The devil really is in the details—especially when staging a house for resale. Make sure everything is sparkling clean and manicured inside and out. Clean your blinds, shutters, curtains, and other window treatments to remove dust and instantly refresh each room.  Hint: your front yard, front door, and entry hall is your first impression. Keep these areas impeccable and inviting at all times. Make sure your lighting is divine and leave the blinds and shutters open to “let the sunshine in”.  It is also worthwhile to invest $15 in dimmers if the lighting is too bright. Part of being detailed is knowing when to get rid of something. The rule of thumb here is less is more. If you think you have too many things in a room, remove half of it!

By keeping these four simple concepts in mind anyone can stage a house. If you don’t remember any of this, remember one thing: You are not selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle!

About TannerMeyer

TannerMeyer is the largest provider of designer window treatments and bedding in the Mid-South.  For years we have been asking our customers what is most important to them when shopping for designer drapery, bedding, and blinds. Of course selection, price, and quality are important, but at the end of the day the resounding answer is “MAKE IT EASY.”  Making it easy is what we are all about at TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds. Just how do we do this you may ask? A large part of the reason the process is easy is because founders Tim Tanner and Kip Meyer have spent years in the design industry specifically focused on only Drapery, Bedding, and Blinds and provide exceptional service and insight for each customer.

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