Integrity Pricing and Mission Statement

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Integrity Pricing:

Due to our volume, TannerMeyer is able to offer volume discounts pre-built into our prices.   This ensures that every customer is treated the same.    The combination of service, quality, and competitive pricing assures customers that they are getting the best value around for custom window treatments and bedding.

Mission Statement:

We believe that shopping for designer window treatments and bedding should be easy without compromising quality or service.

3 Areas of Decision to Create Successful Rooms when making a decision for window treatments and bedding it is important to consider 3 areas:

1.  Design
2.  Function
3.  Budget

Compromises often need to be made when considering all 3 areas of the decision making process.  One area usually is more important than the other, for example:  increasing the budget to meet the required design or function.   This is ultimately a customer’s decision and happy customers come from well thought out decisions.