How do I measure for drapery hardware?

a. Get the outside width of the window
b. we usually add 3-5 inches on each side to get the total rod width
c. finials are then added to that
d. be sure to note any wall or furniture nearby that would impede this and plan your measurements and finial choices accordingly. Also, see the section on our website about measuring for a detailed explanation.

How do I measure for blinds/shades/shutters?

a. Get the inside width and length
b. get the outside width and length
c. snap a picture on your phone
d. send or bring it to TannerMeyer for our recommendations as far as inside or outside mount
e. we will used this to get you a rough price and go from there. Also, see the section on our website about measuring for a detailed explanation.

How do I measure for bedding?

a. get the width at the top
b. get the length
c. measure the height of the mattress portion
d. measure the drop from the top of the box spring to the floor
e. snap a pic and email or bring it in

How do I care for my drapes?

Dry cleaning and machine washing are not recommended.
There are other options out there for cleaning but the specific treatment depends on the curtain’s fabric. You may want to try spot cleaning on the back bottom hem of the curtain first. If all else fails or if you are just not sure, you may want to contact a well established dry cleaner.

Water on my Drapes

The best way to make sure water will not stain your drapes, is to use a blow dryer on them immediately. This will minimize or diminish any water stains.

What if my drapes appear wrinkled?

Often times wrinkles will fall out of drapes a week or so after hanging them . Local humidity will also take wrinkles out of your drapes. We do not recommend steaming silks or linens or blends with silk and linen in them. The higher the quality of linen or silk the more it wrinkles--it’s just a fact. Light steaming may help, but be sure to keep the steamer a good distance from the drapes, so as not to wet the fabric.

Should I inside or outside mount my blinds or shades?

This is usually a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. Some situations will demand one or the other. This is an area where our window experts are there to assist you with.

How do I get rid of light gaps?

No window treatment is guaranteed to be completely blackout. Usually, there are light gaps. You can minimize this by “returning” or securing the sides of the drapes to the wall and hanging the curtains all the way to the crown molding. Some blinds minimize light gaps if you do an outside mount. Shutters often block most of the light if installed correctly.

What if the length of my drapes is just a little off?

Drapes are made of fabrics, or soft products. These soft products are handmade as well. Soft products can vary and inch or so depending on construction and how the fabric hangs and falls. To combat this you can move the drapery pins on the pleats up or down as much as an inch, or try lowering or raising the hardware.

My hardware sticks, what can I do?

Silicon spray wiped on the rod with a rag does wonders. Be sure not to drip any of this on the curtains. You can also try rubbing wax on the top of the rod.

The drapery process is overwhelming, where do I start?

You start by assembling pictures of things  you like and/or adding ideas to your drapery folder in Pinterest.  Ask yourself: What is my vision?--formal, casual, shiny, prints, stripes, plaids, etc. etc. Take some basic measurements and take pictures of the room. Email that to TannerMeyer or bring it in the boutique to help us get a head start on finding the perfect look to fit your needs. From there you can take our selections out on approval to see in your lighting, or simply schedule a consult with one of our window experts.

Should I buy online?

Pictures of fabrics never do them justice online. Also, it’s impossible to see the quality of construction thickness, and how the light comes through fabrics online. Usually if it sounds priced too good to be true, it normally means you will be returning them. These items are often times mass produced overseas out of less than designer quality. For these reasons we do not recommend buying drapery, bedding, and blinds online.

What is the difference between custom drapes and big box store panels to go?

See the answer to the question above. If you are not sure, bring one in and compare it to our drapes that are made in the U.S.A. You will see that the quality of the fabric, the way it is hand sewn, the linings and interlinings we use, and the way it hangs is of no comparison to our products.

Should I skim, break, or puddle my drapes?

This is a personal preference and there is no right or wrong answer. Formal rooms and formal fabrics often times puddle or skim. Less formal or less formal fabrics often times just break or skim the floors--or even come off the floor. Ask yourself: What do I really like? Then you will have your answer.

I get heavy sun, will my drapes fade?

Any sort of natural fabric will fade quicker than blends. Usually it is just on the leading edges that catch lots of sun, and usually it is over time. To protect luxurious drapery fabric we recommend a thermal blackout lining or an interlining in black sateen. If the sun is just too intense we also recommend one of the latest window films on the market.

How do I know how to line my drapes or shades?

Most designer drapes are lined on the outside with a cotton lining and interlined with a felt interlining. This is not always the case however. It all depends on the facing fabric and the look you are trying to achieve. The window experts at TannerMeyer can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to linings.

How high should I hang my drapes?

Again, there is not right or wrong answer. Typically we recommend hanging them as high as you can.  This makes drapes look more custom and it gives your room height and drama. Some situations are different and that is what we are here to help you with.

Why do you not publish all of your fabrics online?

The reason for this is two fold. One, the fabrics are constantly changing and being added and discontinued weekly. Second, photos never really show an accurate representation of what the fabric really looks like in your lighting--hence the reason online shopping usually fails.