Available Services

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  • Rough budgeting estimation available via phone. Emailing pictures and ideas to our email at showroom@tannermeyer.net is helpful to our designers. 

  • In Home Design Consultations are available with one of our designers for a fee.  

Our design staff are window and bedding experts.  If you are struggling with your window treatment, bedding, and design needs and would like some assistance, we will come to your home.  At our in home consultations we bring samples,  fabrics, hardware options, shade options, pre-designed bedding options, and/ or custom design ideas.    In addition to design advice, we will measure so that everything will fit beautifully the first time.   We like to discuss 3 areas of decision with each of our customers:

1. Design

2. Function

3. Budget

This will ensure you have a successful in home consultation experience.  

  • Professional Installer Measure

Sometimes even we need a little help with the hard to measure areas.   From custom shutters to hard to hang spaces, if a professional installer measure is required, we will advise and schedule a time for the installer to come out.  This requires an installer measure fee but is like insurance to make sure everything is selected appropriately.  Measure fees start at $100.

  • Professional Installation

We have a list of recommended professional installers available.   For our customers, the installer will pick up your products at our store so that you don't have to make an extra trip.   They will install hardware/blinds/shades/shutters and dress draperies appropriately.   This is an additional fee and is very reasonable for the quality of service you will receive.   Installation fees start at $100.